happy monday manmakers today i m super excited to share an exclusive project with you it s an excerpt from the new book build stuff with wood build stuff with wood make awesome projects with basic tools by asa a is available in books now thanks to asa and his publisher it s no great secret that even at the highest volume the sound level on a phone is rather lacking a bluetooth or wired speaker system is a necessity if this compact block inspired by old time radios will hold your phone and amplify its sound without a power cord in sight you can customize it to fit wooden phone amplifier speaker no cord or batteries needed design wise it s a very simple block of wood with a carved out phone cradle along the top and a phonograph esque center amplifier it measures roughly 7 5 passive speaker patterns picture of building the speaker folded horn passive phone speaker installation is just a matter of lining up the phone s speaker to rest just over that opening sound will travel down through that opening and will then be picture of the folding horn principle pull the saw away when you are done remove the big wood plug from the center nail and admire your work sand the sides start with 120 grit paper and work up to 150 grit sand the sides with your normal block then sand the bottom it helps to clamp the board skateboard deck iphone speaker guitar mimicking palmer iphone dock uses natural acoustics to amplify sounds homecrux the timbrefone is predominantly constructed from baltic birch plywood and finished with danish oil depending upon the model a contrasting band of wood wooden iphone speaker picture of the folding horn principle mark the edges of the speaker sliding the phone side to side in its pocket to make sure none of the speaker holes will be covered wooden phone stand personalized woodworking plans end table free on the other hand conversations over speakerphone and amplified by timbrefone were actually quite good s lent themselves quite well to that mid range loudspeaker enclosure diy toilet paper roll iphone or ipod speaker stand picture of modifications for phones with bottom mounted speakers smartphone amp sug1 24 diy mini portable speaker wooden phone stand uk wood cell holder draw a line 1 in away from the edge and set the phone there ensuring it is square to the block move it up until the volume controls are above the top wood gifts make this unique amplifier as a gift for the techies in your life is the google home the controlled speaker for you sony xb10 portable bluetooth speaker blue alt view zoom 16 the best bookshelf speakers for most stereos as their names imply the first two speakers are designed to be placed within the walls or ceilings of your home sitting flush with each surface diy iphone speaker to learn about sound best speaker docks of 2019 best bookshelf speakers start with the big hole drop the hole down over the spinning bit without touching it and then move the block until you feel the bearing riding the edge