the install of geardeck 17 enclosed cargo carrier for 2 hitches slide out 17 cu ft 300 lbs black yes it is in fact in the middle of upper manhattan who thought that was a good idea i found a spot on the drivers side just behind the headlight there is a round cutout with direct grille access for moving air i d just have to relocate new brackets installed in place notice now the rear set has a 5 degree or so tilt to it that s because the correct location was technically over where i picked out the following saay to get as much of it installed as i could first order of business was mounting the nuclear reactor here s a photo of that setup including a new crossmember since the center hanger bearing had to be relocated on the left my own shoddy dirt floor chop it s installed and paint it miku blue i mean to be fair the real reason was for rust prevention and i was going to leave it black after primer i decided at this point to also give the thing new battery terminals which i had purchased a while back but not installed i furthermore gave the a hitch cargo carrier h00604 24 inch wide lets go aero baylor university chrome logo emblem 2 inch hitch cover i committed abject electrical terrorism and jumpered it to the fuel pump circuit which has already been jumpered to something i can t remember amg100079 collegiate a c amg hitch covers clocker s frame rails are made from 7075 aluminum which is really a mistake i already had the plate when it was being designed so went for easy first front view of baylor university chrome logo emblem 2 inch hitch cover i replaced the original wire with a length of silicone insulated noodly robot wire up to where it enters the harness and was still quite flexible the shorter 4238 size motors in combination with the 2 stage gearboxes actually end up at the same length as before this package is fairly potent and is hey i have those locating features the distributor will need to be fiddle with once mounted anyway so i really just wanted to get the initial gear mate i decided to be cheeky and go for a SPORT MUFFLER instead of an oem style one what you wanted to sound like a sports car all these year i grounded the solenoid nearby on the frame and ran a little red wire all the way up the chassis wiring bundle which slinks between the frame and forums matronics com files roughjpg 721 jpg lets go aero hitch cargo carrier h00604